We are grateful to all the participants and lecturers of the school who agreed to share their slides. If you can’t find yours here, please get in touch!


Diego Garlaschelli Maximum-entropy methods for economic networks: inference, systemic risk, and early-warning signals
Francesco Bonchi On cascades, social influence, and communities
Chiara Poletto Complexity in epidemic processes: can models help us face an outbreak?

Flash Talks

Laura Alessandretti Spatio-temporal stochastic block models for communication data
Benjamin Lowe Complexity at the Glass-Water Interface: Molecular Dynamics and Nanotechnology
Sergio Antonio Alcalá-Corona Community structure reveals biologically functional modules in transcriptional regulatory networks
David Shorten Selection for Robustness Requires Assortative Neutral Networks
Edward Hill Evidence for history-dependence of influenza pandemic emergence
Elizabeth Buckingham-Jeffery Methods for surveillance of gastroenteritis
Yonatan Berman The Great Gatsby curve revisited: Understanding the relationship between inequality and intergenerational mobility
Javier Garcia-Bernardo The role of offshore ownership chains: An analysis of network patterns and risks
Aleix Bassolas Est Human mobility patterns in cities
Giulia Cencetti Global topological control for synchronized dynamics on networks
Federico Battiston The structure of multiplex networks: measures, models and software
Oriol Artime Dynamics on networks: competition of temporal and topological correlations
Massimo Stella Mental lexicon growth modeling reveals the multiplexity of the English language
Goran Muric Optimize teams for better performance
Mariko Ito Emergence of opinion leaders in reference networks
Alberto Antonioni Drunk Game Theory
Jacopo Iacovacci Visibility-graph motifs: building blocks of time series?
George Callender Using Nonlinear Invariants to Investigate Partial Discharge Activity

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