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(Preliminary) Schedule

Friday 16/09 Saturday 17/09 Sunday 18/09
9.00 Registration
9.30 Lecture 1 (I) 9.30 Lecture 3 (I)
11.00 Coffee Break 11.00 Coffee Break
11.30 Lecture 1 (II) 11.30 Lecture 3 (II)
13.00 Lunch Break 13.00 Lunch Break 14.00 BBQ @ Science Park
14.30 Lecture 2 (I) 14.30 Flash Talks (I)
16.00 Coffee Break 16.00 Coffee Break
16.30 Lecture 2 (II) 16.30 Flash Talks (II)
18.00 End of day 1 18.00 End of day 2

School Lectures

The 3 lectures will be approximately 4 hours long each (including the coffee break!).  They will cover different topics related to Complex Systems:

1. Maximum-entropy methods for economic networks: inference, systemic risk, and early-warning signals, by Diego Garlaschelli (Friday morning)
2. On cascades, social influence, and communities, by Francesco Bonchi (Friday afternoon)

With the success of online social networks and microblogging platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter, the phenomenon of influence-driven propagations, has recently attracted the interest of computer scientists, sociologists, information technologists, and marketing specialists. In this talk we will take a data mining perspective, discussing what (and how) can be learned from a social network and a database of traces of past propagations over the social network. Starting from one of the key problems in this area, i.e. the identification of influential users, we will provide a brief overview of our recent contributions in this area. We will expose the connection between the phenomenon of information propagation and the existence of communities in social network, and we will go deeper in this new research topic arising at the overlap of information propagation analysis and community detection.

3. Complexity in epidemic processes: can models help us face an outbreak? , by Chiara Poletto (Saturday morning)

Flash Talks & Beers

Saturday afternoon will be when young researchers will have the possibility to present their work, discuss with others and share methodologies, knowledge and tools. To make the event more attractive, we propose the participants an offer they cannot refuse: We put the beers, you bring the ideas!

The talks will be in a Flash/Ignite style, that is, only 5-8 minuts long (depending on the number of submissions).  You can use slides, videos, or even just a blackboard, but you only have 5 minutes! A lot can be said in 5 minutes, but you must focus on the key ideas behind your work rather than the details: if you manage to catch the audience interest, then they can ask you afterwards.

We strongly encourage all participants to give a talk at Flash Talks & Beers session: Share with us your work and your interests!

How to apply for a talk: we will send you a simple form to fill in when registration closes. You will only need to provide a tittle and a very short abstract, to be included in the book of abstracts.